Grow Light Bulbs

High Octaine Fuel for Photosynthesis

The sun may go down, but our Sunmaster lamps are sure to provide the highest level of performance for indoor plant growth and hydroponics by meeting the unique nutritional requirements at various plant growth stages.

Sunmaster lamps are chemically tailored to promote optimum development for various plants and growth stages:

  • Yellow Blossom 2100K – Strong orange-red component for maximum flowering
  • Red Sunrise 3200K – Enhanced orange-red component for flowering
  • Green Harvest 4000K – Promotes both flowering and vegetative growth
  • Blue Ice 5500K – Strong blue content for vegetative growth
  • Full Nova 6000K - Emits a full spectrum of light for photosynthesis
  • Finishing Blue - 10000K grow lamps designed for electronic or pulse start magnetic ballast              


Sunmaster 10000k grow lamps